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Cars of the 80s Film and TV

The 1980s proved to be a truly iconic decade for television and film. In the cinema we saw an array of films that soon became classics, from Raiders of the Lost Ark to Gremlins, Terminator to Top Gun. Meanwhile, programmes like Miami Vice and The A-Team added an explosive quality to the box at home, which cult favourites such as Only Fools and Horses and The Young Ones followed with the laughs!

The decade's films are also noteworthy because of the incredible fleet of brilliant cars its on-screen roads enjoyed. There's quite a dramatic and widespread range to choose from: we saw Homer Simpson debut the Pink Sedan in The Simpsons, Batman crusade against the Joker in the iconic Batmobile of the 1989 Batman film, the Blues brothers push their Dodge Monaco to the absolute limits in The Blues Brothers, among many, many more!

The 80s also took to the wheel of one of the most famous and memorable vehiclesin cinema history. To find out what it was, join us as we take a detour back to the future to revisit eight of the wackiest, most exhilarating cars from the decade's film and television!