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Cars of the 80s Film and TV

The 1980s proved to be a truly iconic decade for television and film. In the cinema we saw an array of films that soon became classics, from Raiders of the Lost Ark to Gremlins, Terminator to Top Gun. Meanwhile, programmes like Miami Vice and The A-Team added an explosive quality to the box at home, which cult favourites such as Only Fools and Horses and The Young Ones followed with the laughs! The decade's films are also noteworthy because of the incredible fleet of brilliant cars its on-...

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The World's Weirdest Concept Cars

When car manufacturers produce concept cars, it’s a chance for them to throw off the shackles of tight budgets and demanding sales targets, and get creative. Concept cars are unveiled regularly at car shows around the world, a chance for manufacturers to flex their creative muscles. Think of a concept car show as a fashion catwalk, except with more metal, oil and rubber. Actually… probably about the same amount of rubber. Sometimes, however, it seems that the pressure to produce ex...

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Celebrity Cars You Can Lease

Do you ever flick through magazines and sigh, looking at all the glamour of those beautiful Hollywood stars and wishing you could live like that, even just for one day? Well, we’re here to tell you that you can, and for a lot longer than a day. We’ve compiled a list of a variety of the world’s most rich and famous, including singers, actors, footballers and royalty, to show you that the cars they drive aren’t always Lamborghinis. All of the cars included in this list have...

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Guide to Winter Driving

  With winter in full swing, you’ll probably have noticed driving conditions getting increasingly worse. The often severe weather brought on by winter can often make even simple tasks such as driving short distances difficult. Darker days, heavy rain, fog, snow, and ice all serve to increase the likelihood of accidents occurring, so it’s important at this time of year to take a few precautions. This doesn’t only mean preparing your car for winter, but also making the e...

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What Cars do Premier League Captains Drive?

Bling, questionable haircuts, and even more questionable nightclub behaviour; footballers are defined by so much more than fancy footwork. However, of all the off pitch markers of a footballer, it’s perhaps cars that mark them out most obviously. However, if you were thinking all footballers cars were huge gas guzzling monoliths made of gold, then you’d be slightly mistaken. Here at Vertu Lease Cars, we’ve taken a look at the cars of last year’s premier league captains, ...

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The World's Most Extreme Motor Races

What do you get when you mix supercharged engines and inhospitable terrain with an element of competition? You’ve got yourself an extreme motor race where surviving to the finish line is more important than beating your rivals. Competing in events such as the Rainforest Challenge, Gumball 3000 or Baja 500, drivers face much more than just other teams; the track itself is often their biggest foe. Motor teams in these styles of races have to wage a battle on all fronts, braving dust-choked ...

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