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Warranty and Breakdown Cover Explained By Manufacturer

Depending on the manufacturer of your lease car, the terms and conditions of any breakdown cover or warranty will differ. To help you make the right decision when choosing contract cars, we’ve provided a car warranty comparison for the major manufacturers you’re likely to encounter when leasing a car.

Alfa Romeo

Length of Alfa Romeo Warranty

24 months pan E.U/ 36 Months U.K.

Starts from date of registration.

Mileage Limit

Unlimited mileage.


Warranty covers for:

Repair of manufacturing defects.

Repair/replacement of faulty components.

Supply of parts/materials needed for repairs.

All repairs are carried out by Alfa Romeo Service Centres.

Breakdown Cover

Roadside assistance is offered for the duration of the warranty.


Length of Citroen Warranty

36 months standard manufacturer warranty.

36 months paintwork warranty (24 Months for vans).

12 years anti-perforation warranty (5 years for vans).

Extended car warranty available.

Mileage Limit

First 2 years unlimited mileage.

Third year 60,000 mile limitation (warranty terminates afterwards).

If 60,000 miles exceeded in first 2 years, 3rd year warranty is not valid.


Warranty covers for

Manufacturing defects.

Paintwork defects.


Breakdown Cover

For first 12 months free of charge (covering manufacturing defects only):

Citroen Roadside Assistance.

Citroen Recovery.

Citroen Assistance From Home.

Nationwide recovery for vehicle and passengers.

Hotel accommodation.

Replacement vehicle.

European breakdown cover.

For 2nd and 3rd year, above services are available for an upfront fee of £65 PA. 



Length of Dacia Warranty

36 months standard warranty.

24 months paintwork warranty.

6 year anti-corrosion warranty.

Mileage Limit

60,000 miles over 3 year limit.


Warranty covers for:

Repair of manufacturing defects.

Repair of assembly defects.

Paintwork defects.

Breakdown Cover

For the total 3 years/60,000 miles:

Dacia Assistance, offered 24 hours a day all year round.

UK and Northern Ireland roadside assistance, providing the fault is caused by a manufacturing defect.



Length of Fiat Warranty

36 months.

Mileage Limit

60,000 miles for first 2 years.

Unlimited for 3rd year.


Manufacturing faults.

Repairs provided by Fiat technicians.

Breakdown Cover

Fiat Roadside assistance offered free of charge for first 12 months.

Fiat Roadside Assistance offered 24/7, 365 days of the year.



Length of Ford Warranty

36 months.

6-12 months corrosion warranty (depending on model).

Mileage Limit

1st year unlimited mileage.

Last 2 years, cover offered up to 60,000 miles.


Any repairs/replacement parts done free of charge by authorised Ford Repairers, providing these are a result of a manufacturing fault.

Paintwork, corrosion, wear and tear (separate warranties)

Breakdown Cover

12 months free Ford Assistance throughout Europe 24/7.

Roadside repairs, recovery and rescue (if caused by manufacturing fault)

Home help (as above).



Length of Hyundai Warranty

5 year standard warranty for passenger cars.

5 year vehicle health check warranty.

10-12 year anti perforation warranty. 

Mileage Limit

Unlimited mileage for personal use cars.

100,000 mile limit for private hire/taxi vehicles.


Hyundai offer repairs/replacements for:

Manufacturing defects.

Perforation of bodywork caused from inside the vehicle.

Breakdown Cover

5 years roadside assistance plan for non-commercial vehicles.



Length of Infiniti Warranty

3 years standard warranty.

Mileage Limit

60,000 mile limit.


Paint defects.

Defects caused by corrosion.

Manufacturing limits.

Mobility Services.

Breakdown Cover

Breakdown cover throughout Europe.

Courtesy cars available in event of breakdown.

Hotels available.

Business class flight, if in need of urgent travel.



Length of Jaguar Warranty

36 months standard warranty.

Mileage Limit

Unlimited mileage for duration of warranty.


Repairs provided by Authorised Jaguar Repairer, as long as due to manufacturing fault. 

Free replacement of faulty parts.

Breakdown Cover

Roadside assistance throughout UK and Continental Europe.

4 hour guarantee – if your fault can’t be fixed at an authorised Jaguar Dealer within 4 hours, Jaguar will organise and pay for onward travel.

Hotel accommodation provided after 4 hours, and if more than 50 miles from home. 


Land Rover

Length of Land Rover Warranty

36 months standard warranty.

Mileage Limit

Unlimited mileage for duration of warranty. 


Repairs due to manufacturing defects available at Service Centres.

Replacement parts provided at service centres.

Breakdown Cover

Roadside assistance for breakdowns and accidents.

Personal Incident Manager provided to talk to insurers.

Vehicle collection.

Travel arrangements.



Length of Mazda Warranty

36 months standard warranty

36 months paint and corrosion warranty

12 years anti-perforation warranty

Warranty transferred to subsequent owners

Mileage Limit

60,000 mile limit (only for standard warranty)


Free repairs and replacement of manufacturing faults for duration of standard warranty/60,000 miles.

Cover for wear and tear to paintwork and surface for 36 months, regardless of mileage.

Breakdown Cover

European roadside assistance cover for 36 years, regardless of mileage.



Length of Nissan Warranty

3 years new vehicle warranty

3 years breakdown warranty

3 years touring assistance

3 years paint warranty

6-12 years corrosion warranty

Parts & accessories warranty

Mileage Limit

60,000 mile limit for new vehicle, breakdown and touring assistance.

Unlimited warranty for paint, corrosion and parts warranty.


Covered for repairs and replacements needed due to manufacturer faults.

Covered for repairs to paint not caused by wear and tear.

Breakdown Cover

All new Nissan cars, excluding the Leaf, come with 3 years Nissan European Roadside Assistance. Covered regardless of driver.

Roadside repairs.

Towing Service.

Replacement vehicle provided for 3 working days.

Hotel accommodation for 3 nights whilst vehicle is repaired.

Taxi up to 30 miles/1st class train or ship/economy plane over 625 miles from home.

If vehicle unavailable for more than 3 days, vehicle can be delivered back to your home dealer.



Length of Peugeot Warranty

2 years standard warranty.

Can be extended to 5 years (or 60,000 miles).

Mileage Limit

Unlimited mileage within 2 years. 

If extended to 5 years, 60,000 mileage limit applies.


Repair/replacement of parts Peugeot recognises as faulty. 

Faults must be a result of manufacturer error.

Replacement parts may be new or standard exchange,

Breakdown Cover

Peugeot will cover any costs of repair if vehicle is rendered immobilised due to a manufacturing fault.



Length of Renault Warranty

4 year standard warranty package.

3 year paintwork warranty.

12 year anti-corrosion warranty.

Mileage Limit

First 2 years unlimited mileage.

Last 2 years limited to a total of 100,000 miles.


Parts replacement and repairs provided by Renault technicians. 

Warranty only covers repairs needed as a result of manufacturer fault; faults caused by wear and tear are not covered.

Breakdown Cover

Warranty comes with 4 years roadside assistance.

Covers multiple drivers.



Length of SEAT Warranty

3 years standard warranty on all SEAT vehicles purchased from an official dealer.

3 year paintwork warranty.

12 year anti-corrosion warranty.

Mileage Limit

First 2 years unlimited mileage.

3rd year 60,000 mile limit.


Covered for repairs and replacements caused by manufacturing faults.

Breakdown Cover

SEAT Roadside assistance provided across Europe.

Breakdown recovery provided for a maximum of 2 years.



Length of Suzuki Warranty

3 year standard warranty

12 year anti-perforation warranty (6 years for Suzuki Jimny)

Warranty transferable across owners.

Mileage Limit

60,000 mile limit – if exceeded, warranty limit is met. 


Covered for damage or faults caused by manufacturer errors. 

Breakdown Cover

UK and European breakdown cover provided for 1 year of the 3 year standard warranty.

Roadside assistance, Homestart service , and vehicle recovery included in 1 year cover.

If roadside recovery is not achievable, Suzuki warranty covers:

Courtesy car (usable for up to 72 hours).

Public transport costs (for 72 hours).

Hotel costs (as an alternative to courtesy car/travel costs).

Accident Management.



Length of Vauxhall Warranty

Material & manufacturing warranty for 36 months.

Mileage Limit

Unlimited for first 12 months.

60,000 total mile limit for subsequent 2 years from date of first registration.

Vivaro and New Movano come with 100,000 mile limit from first registration.


Warranty period covers damage or faults due to manufacturer problems.

Breakdown Cover

Vauxhall Assistance service provide in conjunction with AA.

Breakdown cover provided free of charge for first 12 months following registration.



Length of Volvo Warranty

3 years standard warranty.

3 years paintwork warranty.

8-12 years rust and corrosion warranty.

Mileage Limit

60,000 mileage limit for standard warranty – after this warranty, and all attached benefits, expire.


Vehicle failures, paintwork defects, and corrosion attributable to manufacturer fault or workmanship are guaranteed to be rectifiable under Volvo warranties.

Breakdown Cover

After 2012, Volvo warranty guarantees 36 months complementary Volvo Assistance.

Volvo Assistance covers from problems as minor as loss of keys to breakdown. 

If your Volvo vehicle needs to be taken to a Volvo dealership for repairs, Volvo Assistance covers the cost of transporting your vehicle to a dealership of your choice (within 50 miles).



Length of Volkswagen Warranty

3 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Mileage Limit

Unlimited mileage for first 2 years

60,000 mile limit for 3rd year – warranty runs out if 60,000 mile is met before 3rd year is completed.


Volkswagen Manufacturer warranty covers defects that can be attributed to faulty materials, parts, or workmanship. Eligibility of this will be decided by VW. 

Breakdown Cover

Volkswagen cars with standard 3 year manufacturer warranty come with 12 months free roadside assistance.

Volkswagen vehicles on Contract Hire through Volkswagen Financial Services are eligible for roadside assistance for the full 3 year warranty period.