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Lease Car Maintenance Packages

When you choose a lease car, it’s likely you’ll be given the option of taking out a Vehicle Maintenance Contract. To help you decide whether a lease car maintenance contract is right for you, we’ve put together some of the most frequently asked questions regarding contract car 

What is a maintenance contract?

By paying an additional monthly fee on top of your lease car costs, you can take out a maintenance contract. This means your car is covered for any servicing or repairs that need to be carried out in the duration of your car lease. 

What services are included in a Maintenance Contract?

When you take out a maintenance contract, it’s common to be presented with a list of options to choose from to be included in your package. Common services covered for include tyre repair, servicing, breakdown cover, repairs to wear and tear, road tax servicing and relief vehicles. However, the services offer will differ from provider to provider, so it’s best you ask the supplying dealer to see the specific maintenance plans they can offer. Again, if you’re unsure of what services are right for your car, you should consult your dealer.

Should I get a maintenance contract?

Vehicle Maintenance packages are recommended to motorists who average a high annual mileage, typically around 20,000 miles or more. Maintenance contracts are also beneficial to those leasing a fleet of cars, as this means you’ll be fully covered for any unexpected, non-budgeted costs. When considering a maintenance package, it’s a good idea to work out your expected annual mileage and servicing schedule, and take this information to your dealer to work out whether a maintenance plan would be beneficial for you.

How do I book my lease car in for maintenance?

When booking a lease car service, you should use the contact details given to you by your leasing company. You can then book your vehicle in for a maintenance or servicing at a local approved dealership. This will usually be a franchised dealership, or authorised VAT agent.

Does a maintenance contract cover MOT costs?

Many maintenance plans can be tailored to include MOT services. If your lease vehicle is due an MOT, you should book one using the contact details provided by your lease company. However, it’s unlikely that your lease vehicle will need an MOT, due to the short duration of vehicle leases.

Who can get a maintenance contract?

Vehicle maintenance contracts are available for those on both personal and business car leasing plans.