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City Car Leasing

Are you on the lookout for the perfect city car to lease? If so, you’re in safe hands with Vertu Lease Cars, where we have a staggering range of city cars available to lease from more manufacturers than you can shake a stick at. Whatever make, model or trim you’re looking for, we’re sure we’ll have a city car you can’t help but love in our showroom.

City cars, also known as super are compact, punchy and handle sharply, which makes them perfect for navigating busy inner-city streets and high-traffic areas. City cars are increasingly popular in cities around the world, and a perfect way to get around in built up areas.

Leasing a city car is a brilliant way to drive the car of your dreams while still retaining your financial freedom. To find out about more of the benefits that leasing a car will mean for you, get in touch with our dedicated and friendly team today!